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Coach and Fun / Motivation

The Facebook Swim Coaches forum was particularly busy today, and I saw comments in two different conversations that were both powerful, but together they made me realize something new. The first included a quote from the incredible University of Texas Coach Eddie Reese, in an interview with Coach Jeff Grace. “Everyone wants me to talk […]

The Complicated Issues Involving Weed and Swimming

I have to admit, my thinking on the subject of legalizing weed has done a complete reversal over the last few years. I was initially and emphatically against the legalization of weed for one very simple reason. I was worried that teenagers would equate legalization with safety. However, as I learned more about the societal […]

Stop Watching the Stopwatch!

Recently, a coach put out a request on a Facebook Swim Coaches Forum for the top features coaches want from a stopwatch application, presumably on a smart phone or tablet. Which got me thinking about how I learned to properly use a stopwatch. Now, experienced coaches will already know all of this stuff below. But […]

The Flop Turn: Just As Fast and Lochte-Rule Legal

I’ve been hearing a lot of discontent lately from coaches about how swimmers are getting disqualified in the freestyle legs of IMs and Medley Relays due to the “Lochte Rule”.  I understand their frustration as many, many, many coaches only know the traditional flip turn.  But there are alternative! This rule got its name when […]

We Need a Saner Approach to Swim Meets

This may be heresy, but the prevailing swim meet system in most major swimming areas is horribly broken. Swim meets are now expected to  consume a weekend – from Friday afternoon or evening sessions to late Sunday sessions.  A session itself can take 6 hours, the presence of rules that try to limit the session […]

Abuse Policy Conversation with John Vadeika, Executive Director of Swim Ontario

Over the last few months, there have been some explosive revelations of sexual abuse of athletes and organizational coverups coming out of USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming, USA Volleyball, and other sports. Even a cursory review of those situations provides lessons on how we can improve our oversight and remove conflicts of interest. (If you want […]

USA Swimming’s Biggest Problem

It seems clear now that USA Swimming has some serious problems.  Long term pressure from investigative journalists from Concussion Inc. and recent work by the Orange County Register have pointed out how little USA-S did to protect the victims, and how much they did to protect the abusers. All this attention has led some to […]

Steps We Can Take to Prevent Youth Abuse in Sports

  There’s been a massive amount of long-overdue publicity lately about the issue of sexual abuse by coaches in youth sports, especially with the highly publicized and horrific case of USA Gymnastics and Larry Nassar. Swimming has recently had its own high profile case with Ariana Kukors coming out and accusing her long-time coach Sean […]

Swimming is NOT a Non-Contact Sport

One of the more ironic aspects of swimming is that people who only see swimming on TV, and usually only once every 4 years at that, all think of swimming as the ultimate non-contact sport. They only see swimmers racing in their own wide lanes, with the only contact being an occasional hug or handshake […]

Far Too Many Types of Pre-Race Talks

I’m always intrigued by how age group swimmers handle pre-race talks. Our standard procedure is that each swimmer comes to see me before the race, and we talk about race strategy, breathing strategy and general level of race aggression. And then after the race, they’d come back and we’d see how those strategies worked out, […]

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