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Tips On How Not To Lose Count In A Distance Swim

Miscounting is one of those things that swimmers and coaches both hate in a practice (especially coaches!) But miscounting in a meet is guaranteed to get you a comment from pretty much every person you’ve ever known … and some you don’t. It’s still very early in our season here, and I’m already seeing a […]

Taking A Knee

Silent, non-violent protests during the US national anthem at professional sporting events have now reached the public’s attention.  And everyone seems to have either a strong opinion, or a VERY strong opinion. As the head coach of a sports team,  I need to be aware of, and prepared for, somebody on our team following this […]

6 Rules (and a Vision) For Becoming a Better Swim Parent

Every year brings fresh swimming faces, fresh parents, and sometimes dreams of athletic stardom.  And every year, I post a blog like this to dial things down, and make sure that parents are a helpful partner in this wonderful process of sports. (If you follow my blog you’ll have seen a version of this post […]

My Thoughts on Australian Swimming

Before I get into this, I want to make it clear that I’m writing this because of my love for Australian swimming.  Ever since I swam in Canada in the 70s, I’ve been impressed with the brash way that such a small population base could take on the US swimming  juggernaut, and often win. In […]

My Take On Why American Men Dominate Backstroke

I was watching the US World Championship Trials on TV, and was struck by a comment during one of the men’s backstroke events.  The commentator noted the long history of US men dominating backstroke events, and this is certainly true.  The last time the US men lost an Olympic backstroke event was back in 1992.  […]

A Curious Look at 2017 Short Course – Long Course Conversion Rates, And How The US Is So Different From Everyone Else

In 2014 I started getting upset with the standard 2% Short Course to Long Course conversion rates mandated by Swim Ontario.  As most coaches already knew, 2% was convenient but horribly inaccurate conversion rate.  And it created problems for kids swimming in LC meets when they couldn’t meet their 2% converted SC time, even if […]

How To Tell If You Qualify For a Meet

This question comes up all the time from swimmers and parents. How do I know if I (or my child) has qualified for a meet or a race?  And in my never-ending quest to have people figure out stuff without asking me, I’m providing this primer. I understand that swimmers and parents can feel helpless […]

Racing When Sick

Training and sickness are unfortunately a well known combination. Extremely hard training programs can leave athletes more susceptible to the many illnesses present around us, especially from schools. And sickness can often hit at the best of times. Luckily, there’s been plenty of research on the issue of how much and how hard to train […]

Inclusive or Exclusive: The Surprising Ways Countries Handle National Championships/Trials

When I started this post, it had a completely different focus. Four times I tried to address various aspects of Short Course vs Long Course swimming from the point of view of swimmers and national swimming organizations. And every time I ended up in the same place – that different countries handle Long Course in […]

Age Problem in Canadian Swimming

Back in November, Swimming World published my article on the Age Problem in Canadian Swimming in their subscription-based Swimming Technique magazine, with the agreement that my article would eventually appear on their free Swimming World site.  My intent was and always has been to get the widest possible audience concerning this important subject. Soon after […]

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