Swimming World Magazine has published the second in a series of my articles analyzing Rio swimming performances. This one is “Age Analysis of Rio Swimming Finalists: The Older The Better!”, and involves a breakdown of ages by distance and stroke (see here). This post provides additional information on the age range of swimmers as broken […]

Swimming World Magazine has published my article “Height Analysis of Rio Swimming Finalists”, which includes a breakdown by distance and stroke (see here). This post will provide additional information on the height range of swimmers as broken down by individual events. We expect that height is more important in some events than others, we’ll look […]

Doping has become a far too common topic every time a major sporting event comes up.  In fact, it’s become so much a part of sports that almost every incredible performance is accompanied by some doubt about doping.  There will always be those who cheat, and always be those who advocate for an ‘anything goes’ […]

1976 Women Medallists

I must confess I haven’t had the opportunity to watch the apparently excellent “The Last Gold” documentary about the 1976 women’s US Olympic Team as they battled the overpowering but doped East German women. But having been a competitive swimmer back then, I am very familiar with the story and the emotions.  That the US […]

By now, most of you will have heard of the McLaren report.  This is the report requested by WADA and prepared by Richard McLaren, a Canadian law professor, to look into the state-run Russian doping allegations. However, none of the articles I’ve read have really looked into what it specifically means for swimming.   McLaren […]

There’s no question that the US Swimming Olympic Trials is one of the most exciting swim meets on the planet.  The depth of talent, and the fierce competition between truly world class swimmers is staggering.  Add to that the heartbreak of watching previous champions miss the team, and the sheer joy of watching new Olympians […]

A few years ago I wrote about the incredible difference in impact on an athlete between having an expectation, and setting a goal (see here).  Setting and working toward an achievable goal can be a powerful tool for an athlete, and often involves milestones along the way.  On the flip side,  an individual’s expectations for […]

Swimming Canada has recently completed a review of national and international competitions, and has come up with recommendations to improve national level swimming. You can find the document here. Some of these recommendations are, in my opinion, potentially detrimental to Canadian Swimming.   Gap Analysis The basic premise is that the review identified gaps in […]

Rio Olympic Logo

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Swimming By the Numbers blog post, and the recent Canadian Olympic Trials sparked an idea.  We had incredibly strong performances from the women, and NOT incredibly strong performances from the men.  A lot of theories were thrown around, one being that we are abandoning our older […]

SNC Olympic Trials

Now I know that this post won’t excite a lot of people, and to tell the truth, before I spent a week in the Media Room it wouldn’t have excited me.  It’s not that I thought that what they do in there is boring or easy or whatever. It’s that I’ve NEVER had a single […]

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