About Rick Madge

Rick Jun 2013

Here’s my life in a nutshell.
Husband to a beautiful wife. Father of 3 amazing, grown-up boys

Electrical Engineer (hey, it pays the bills and keeps my mind busy)
Swim coach (this is where my passion lies)


Ridiculously curious. Introverted. Pretensions of creative abilities. Reader (books not minds. at least, not that you know). Athlete (reduced primarily to swimming and cycling now). Collector (of weird, old and interesting items). Writer (primarily of boring technical reports and overly long About You blurbs)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Very interesting. You always were a good writer. Will enjoy reading the coming blogs.
    Only for you would I read blogs. Love Mom

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hi Ricky
    I love your blogs too.
    Love your wifey

  3. Bob Baker · · Reply

    I have a friend teaching kinesiology this fall and he injured his larynx, I was thinking maybe I could guest lecture based on your article, if I could have your permission to do so….Bob Baker, student, Univ of Alabama Huntsville. (great article by the way)

  4. I think we may have to compare notes on collecting, I seem to have this affliction too…besides writing about swim related stuff. And 3 boys, but I started late, and they are in full swing not in double digits yet.

    1. Hi Gary, that’s an interesting parallel. My boys are spread throughout their 20s, and it seemed to happen so quickly. I even have a granddaughter now. That is definitely fun. Have fun with your boys while they’re young!
      As for collecting, yes, my wife would tell you that I have a problem. I collect things that interest me. Lately it’s been antiquities and tribal art. I love the stuff. But even I recognize that I get carried away at times. I wonder if they Collectors Anonymous?

  5. I love your blog. I work on a numbers programme on the BBC and I think your stuff is brilliant. We do a bit of sport but have only touched on swimming once:


    1. Thanks Richard! Just read the article you linked. That is an excellent analysis. It seems we both like to play with numbers. My only comment on Stephanie Rice’s race is that 2008 was the time of the shiny suits. Those suits completely changed the nature of swimming, resulting in hundreds of world records when there should have only been a handful. Stephanie Rice beat the previous world record by so much exactly because of the suit.
      If you look at the 2008 Men’s 400 IM you can see that Phelps did 4:03.84. That’s 1.3 seconds faster than Lochte’s 2012 time. In 2008 Stephanie Rice did 4:29.45, while Ye Shiwen swam faster at 4:28.43. All of this just makes Ye Shiwen’s swim even more remarkable. No matter how you look at it, her swim was outside of expectations. Which doesn’t taint it, but does legitimately allow for close analysis.

  6. Richard · · Reply

    I’m afraid I just looked at the figures. I am starting to learn about swimming via my daughter but in 2012 I knew nothing.

    The underwater kicking stuff has staggered me. My girl has recently made great strides with her above the water swimming but her dives, underwater phase and turn are all need work. Even a non expert can see it. I guess the good news is that if she can improve those her times will really show it. The bad news is it all sounds quite hard. She is loving it though.

    1. As long as she loves it. At this point in time thats the most important thing. The underwater and turns require a lot of core strength that will be built up over time. As you said, the good news is that as those improve, so will her times.

  7. Rick, can you see if you can like my page and let me know if it still doesn’t work. (not soliciting extra likes…..) 🙂

  8. Coach Madge,

    Can you contact me about Canadian Trials at the email provided in my user information?

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    I heard your Fish-Like swimming interview on The Sci Friday show. Your attention to the art and science of swimming is helpful. Even to a recreational swimmer that came to love and appreciate the sport over time. Thank you and keep up the good work! Dave Calvino

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hi I would like to ask you some questions about the finger spacing in swimming do you have n email?

    1. Hi, sure, you can reach me at rickmadge at hotmail dot com

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